Dynamic protein design

DenovAI aims to rapidly accelerate drug discovery by developing a novel, AI-based platform that can design high affinity therapeutic antibody and miniprotein binders for protein targets of choice, completely from scratch.

Promise Bio

Deep cellular insights

Promise Bio is developing the first platform that performs unbiased, broad-range epiproteomic analysis for precision medicine in complex chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases. Our cloud-based platform delivers timely, clinically valuable insights to enable treatment personalization and response predictions.


Molecular glue discovery

TenAces Biosciences aims to improve patients’ lives by developing rationally designed molecular glue therapeutics for enhanced targeted protein degradation. Using a data centric approach and machine learning, TenAces is able to study the various interactions, protein pairs, and multi-dimensional features to predict new molecular glues.


Tailored antibody optimization

Combinable addresses a key challenge of trial-and-error in pharma development and manufacturing, by developing an in silico solution that optimizes properties concurrently. This approach seeks to identify multiple drug candidates that achieve a balanced profile across diverse characteristics, thus expediting and refining the drug discovery process.


Deep cellular insights

Omec.AI aims to improve the probability of success of drug candidates in clinical trials by analyzing pre-clinical safety and efficacy data. OMEC.AI builds a next-generation computational platform that can identify hidden safety liabilities and lack of efficacy for drug candidates, and suggest experiments to close the identified gaps.

Past Challenges

Feb 2024, Closed on Apr 14 2024
AI/ML Platform for Targeting RNA With Small Molecules challenge
Oct 2022, Closed on Jul 23 2023
Identification of Active Small Molecules for Drug Discovery challenge
Aug 2022, Closed on Feb 13 2023
AI Powered Discovery to Enable Molecular Glue Therapies challenge
Aug 2021, Closed on Aug 28 2022
Prediction of clinical trial outcome in biomarker stratified cancer patient populations challenge
Jul 2021, Closed on Apr 17 2022
Artificial Intelligence for Design and Optimization of Antibodies for Targeted Therapies challenge
Jun 2021, Closed on Feb 13 2022
Artificial Intelligence to Predict Clinical Trial Readiness of Drug Candidates challenge
May 2023, Closed on Dec 12 2021
Artificial Intelligence for Antibody Design challenge