Apr 17 2022


Artificial Intelligence for Design and Optimization of Antibodies for Targeted Therapies challenge

What is this challenge all about?

Antibody discovery and development has two main stages. The first one is to discover antibodies that bind the target of interest. The second, is to optimize the antibody to make a better drug. This challenge is about the second step. The starting point is a functional antibody that modulate the desired target. You are requested to propose and build a computational platform that delivers the sequence of a modified antibody sequence. Modifications are required at multiple levels:
• Manufacturing: ensure smooth antibody production at scale. Antibodies differ in their level
of solubility, expression levels in manufacturing cells, aggregation during purification, proper folding and post translational modification and more. A review that provides a detailed description can be found here.
• Physiological properties: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics. Those terms relate to the concentration of the antibody in different tissues in the body and the rate of clearance from the body. A review article describing such parameters can be found here.

The above list of properties required is not complete. The goal is not to optimize for a specific antibody property but rather to suggest a process to optimize to any property.


I have my own great idea. What is the advantage of joining AION Labs vs trying to create my own company?

I already have a company in the pharma AI area – Can I join AION Labs regardless of the specific challenge?

How is AION Labs different from any other incubator?

How do I apply for the challenge?

I am not sure I can come up with a great proposal in the time left, what should I do?

I would love to work in the field of antibody design but it’s not really my field of expertise. Should I apply?

I am not sure which role to apply for, Group Leader / Scientist Founder or Postdoctoral Researchers / Scientist Co-Founders. Can you explain the difference?

Is the boot camp fully paid for by AION Labs?

Do I have to attend the boot camp physically or can I participate remotely?

How many people are invited to the boot camp?

What should I expect in the boot camp?

As a group leader, what happens after I win the boot camp?

If I win, do I have to relocate to Israel?

I heard that Israel is a very expensive place to live. Will my salary allow me to live comfortably?

Me and my family don’t speak Hebrew. Is it easy to communicate with people in English?

What about schools and kindergartens? Are there international schools?

Can my company grow beyond the initial team?