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Scientist in Structural Biology / Molecular Modelling

We are looking for a motivated researcher in the field of structural bioinformatics with a keen interest in working at the interface of molecular sciences and AI. The selected candidate will work closely with AI engineers to help us develop a cutting-edge AI solution for the optimization of therapeutic antibodies…

No open positions at this time


We value diversity and believe that different perspectives contribute to innovative solutions. If you’re a superb AI developer, an experienced entrepreneur or an expert from the pharmaceutical field who enjoys delving into comprehensive data sets and unearthing hidden insights, you’ll find yourself at home with us.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the future of biotech.


AION Labs is based in Israel, a vibrant hub of AI and life sciences innovation. We initiate all our companies in Israel and ask our founders to relocate to Israel for at least two years. We are committed to helping you to ensure a smooth transition. For those considering a move with their families, our support is all-encompassing, from guidance on international schooling to other relocation details. Working and living visas are granted for any non-Israeli scientists and their families.


If I win the bootcamp, do I have to relocate to Israel?

I heard that Israel is a very expensive place to live. Will I be able to live comfortably?

My family and I don’t speak Hebrew. Is it easy to communicate with people in English?

What about schools and kindergartens? Are there international schools?