Bring your idea

Have an innovative idea to solve one of our industry problems?


Explore problems and define challenges
Following the BioMedX methodology, Pharma partners define a challenge by answering the following questions:

  • What are the major roadblocks to discover and develop new drugs?
  • What are the current ceilings preventing dramatic improvement?
  • What solution do we envision?
  • Do we have the data to support the technology?
  • What exactly should a new solution deliver?

Invite Innovators
Challenge the best entrepreneurs and scientist founders in academia and industry to come up with an idea for a solution

Select team and concept
Run a 5-day innovation workshop to brainstorm different approaches and build the right team

Invest and Develop
Select a founding team to create a company and receive an initial investment, and all-around support from partners and AION Labs


I have my own great idea. What is the advantage of joining AION Labs vs trying to create my own company?

How is AION Labs different from any other incubator / accelerator?

How is equity distributed between AION Labs and my startup?

I am not sure I can come up with a great proposal in the time provided, what should I do?

I am not sure which role to apply for, Group Leader / Scientist Founder or Postdoctoral Researchers / Scientist Co-Founders. Can you explain the difference?

Is the workshop fully paid for by AION Labs?

Do I have to attend the workshop physically or can I participate remotely?

How many people are invited to the workshop?

What should I expect in the workshop?

As a group leader, what happens after I win the workshop?

Can my company grow beyond the initial team?


Have a great technology or a unique approach that you believe can address a major drug discovery or development challenge?


AION Labs team review
You explain your approach, solution and potential impact on drug discovery

Explore Partners’ Interest
We collect feedback from our partners on the problem you’re solving and your approach

We get to know you and you get to know us

Investment Committee Meeting
We finalize the terms of partnership


At what stage would Aion Labs consider investing in my company?

Can you lead a round?

Will you join a round?

How much equity do you take?

Would all pharma partners participate in the investment?

Why should I consider adding Aion Labs as an investor in my company?

Do you invest in digital health companies?

Let's connect

If you’re not sure where you fit in but you have a strong computational background and desire to solve big problems in drug development, get in touch